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Our Story

“Crafted by Hand, Inspired by Indonesia”


Enriching your living environment, much like the innate beauty of the wood it stems from. Our focus lies in crafting exquisite and tailor-made items, specializing in the meticulous creation of premium epoxy resin-infused furniture that seamlessly blends diverse wood varieties, resulting in truly unique pieces with every iteration.

Our design ethos prioritizes sustainability, reflecting our conscientious approach towards production, in harmonious alignment with environmental considerations. We foster collaborative partnerships with esteemed artisans to give life to our cherished medium - wood, ultimately crafting objets d'art in the form of furniture. Each cut embodies our underlying philosophy, enhancing natural hues and breathing life into the very essence of wood.

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How We Strive

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International-Level Craftsmanship

Bringing You Quality

Physics and Engineering
Side by Side

Tried and Tested

Award-Winning Service,
Customer-Winning Results

How We Operate

Our Team

Innovative, Talented, Driven

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Indro Setiadji

The Craftsman

Indro Setiadji, a seasoned banker turned dedicated craftsman, elevates our fine furniture with unparalleled expertise and passion at Resineka. His dual proficiency in carpentry and furniture making uniquely qualifies him to spearhead the manufacturing and quality control processes, guaranteeing that each piece meets Resineka's standards. With a keen eye on financial sustainability, Indro adeptly manages Resineka's financial landscape, optimizing budget allocations to ensure a positive cash flow. His meticulous approach seamlessly blends financial prudence with artisanal excellence, epitomizing Resineka's unwavering commitment to crafting furniture of exceptional quality.

Aditya Putra Manggala

The Merchant

Meet Aditya, the visionary merchant steering the realization of Resineka's projects. Boasting a robust foundation in digital marketing, content creation, and trade, coupled with a wealth of experience in environmental-society initiatives, Aditya is dedicated to ensuring Resineka's commercial triumph. As the chief architect behind research and development and business expansion, he effortlessly fuses business savvy with a keen environmental consciousness. Aditya's forward-thinking vision aligns social and environmental impact with business prosperity, casting him as the driving force propelling Resineka on an innovative and purpose-driven trajectory.

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