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Embark on a creative journey with us as we dedicate ourselves to crafting not just better, but exceptional works of art in the form of furniture crafted from the exquisite combination of epoxy resin and teak wood. Immerse yourself in the collaborative process of shaping art inspired by the captivating beauty of Indonesia. Join us in our pursuit of elevating craftsmanship and aesthetics to new heights, where each piece tells a unique story, blending modern design with the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia. Your involvement is key to the creation of timeless, high-quality furniture that reflects both innovation and the inherent charm of Indonesian artistry.


Treasury Master


A Treasury Master plays a pivotal role in the supply chain by managing inventory and facilitating the smooth flow of materials. Responsible for receiving, organizing, and distributing raw materials, the Treasury Master ensures production efficiency. This role involves accurate record-keeping, inventory control, and collaboration with production teams to meet deadlines. Attention to detail is crucial, as Treasury Masters must verify and inspect materials for quality. They play a key part in minimizing waste, optimizing storage space, and supporting overall operational effectiveness, contributing significantly to the seamless production of high-quality furniture within the industry.

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For individuals with a vision to embark on our journey with exceptional skills and experience, with thoughts of positions unlisted above, reach out to us as we keep looking for you.

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